EU 2020 Online Casinos

The European Union is made up of 28 nations with a joined community of 513 million people. Because of this, the online casino scene is thriving within the EU. There are hundreds of really great online casinos available to people living in the nations within the union. The EU 2020 online casinos are only going to raise the standards once again. This is terrific news for casino players in the EU.

Compare The Best EU 2020 Online Casinos

However, this is not an indication that all EU 2020 online casinos are completely worth your time. Some simply do not meet our high standards. Especially now we are in a new decade, the bar is set high for the new EU 2020 online casinos to perform well.

Because of this, we are very reluctant to share anything but the best online casinos in 2020 and onwards. We recognise that it can be difficult for people within the EU to determine which online casinos are reliable and which ones do not meet the standard.

Online Casinos in 2020 are Overflowing with Options

The online casinos now available in the market should contribute an excellent experience through multiple methods. Nowadays, it is all about variety. And when it comes to slot games, new poker games, live casino games and everything in between… the more, the merrier!

You can’t knock a casino that has a wealth of gaming options and this is what makes many of the best casinos one step ahead of the rest of the pack. Visit to see a list of EU 2020 online casinos.

Regulated and Licensed EU 2020 Online Casinos

The online gambling regulations for EU casinos is split between 28 different nations. The European Commission is the central governing body which is in charge of all 28 countries. Nevertheless, every country within the EU further has a regulatory body that governs the individual nations.

All online casinos desiring to act in a country within the European Union must obtain a gambling license from the official European Commission. Also, they must then proceed to obtain a license from the regulator of the respective nation. For example, a UK casino wanting to open its doors within the UK must further secure a UK Gambling Commission license.

EU 2020 Online Casinos That are Safe to Use

It is vital that you only play at a casino that is licensed to do so in your region. This is because casino players who decide to play at a casino that is offshore will get a fine or penalty. These fines are given out by the European Commission. This is why we support reading casino review sites online. Within the UK there are many online casino review sites which will display the license in which the casino owns.

What to Expect From The Best EU 2020 Online Casinos

EU 2020 online casinos are working with industry leaders in games software. Such casinos are safe because they get frequent checks for optimal achievement by eCOGRA. We suggest playing casino games at a Microgaming casino site for a few purposes. Firstly, you will know you are playing with the safest gaming software available online. This should always be your main priority and you will always know you are in safe hands at a Microgaming casino.

Also, the game selection from Microgaming consists of over 450 excellent casino games. In addition, all of the slots by Microgaming have an ROI that ranges within 92% and 98%. EU 2020 casinos are going to be full of Microgaming games and many more trusted software providers.